Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy After Loss

DEFINITION: a subsequent pregnancy, after any type of pregnancy or baby loss


  • Nervous, anxious, hypervigilance

  • Exhilarated, desperate, panicky

  • Constant fluctuating anxiety

  • Isolated, separated, timid

  • Unstable, ‘on the edge’


  • I cannot lose this baby

  • I will lose this baby

  • I cannot bear this

  • I am losing my mind

  • It maybe OK now, but that doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow

  • I won’t be able to cope if it happens again

How Petals can help:

Petals provide further counselling support for women and couples who have previously experienced the loss of a baby.  This specialist psychological support coaches the woman throughout her pregnancy to manage the emotional turbulence that is inevitable following previous loss.  It is a safe space to bring all her fears and anxieties and for them to be accepted and acknowledged.  The counsellor will provide advice on coping strategies and work with the woman or couple to understand why they feel this way, helping them through difficult stages of the pregnancy like scans and testing, and remain available to them through to the post-natal period.