What our clients have said….

This woman experienced a traumatic pregnancy

I really would have struggled through this traumatic pregnancy and I would have found it so hard coming to terms with all the obstacles we had to face without the support and reassurance from Sue. I was already concerned about postnatal depression as I had previously suffered and been treated with depression so it was important for me to get the right support.  Sue was with me every step of the way and I soon became stronger and had a better ability to cope with day to day things.

I was so happy I could return the favour when I was involved in raising money for the charity in the Petals Jazzercise event in August last year. This is an amazing charity and I will continue to support it in any way I can.

This couple suffered trauma post birth due to undiagnosed Down Syndrome:

The Petals counselling service was precisely what my wife and I needed after the shock of a post-natal diagnosis of DS. It provided the time and space to explain the mixed emotions we were having and enabled us to see our strength and to see that there is hope and joy in the future.

This couple lost their baby boy at 3 days old following a traumatic delivery:

Counselling has given us the chance to really speak about our little angel.  To be open and honest about our feelings towards our loss, and help us release a range of emotions, when at times they could have spiralled out of control.  It has also helped us manage our expectations of how we deal with our future and that of our family.

This client suffered re-current miscarriage, late miscarriage, related trauma and high anxiety related to pregnancy:

The help I received from Petals has been invaluable to in coming to terms with the loss of my two babies and in moving forward with the future.

A woman who had experienced re-current miscarriage and now has gone on to have a healthy baby:

The counselling I received really helped me when I lost my baby 2 yrs ago. I think that the sessions helped me deal with all the other miscarriages too, in fact, I had another miscarriage after the sessions but because of the way counselling had helped me, I felt I could cope much better.  Getting pregnant again was really scary but we just took each day as it came and had lots of scans. In June, all my dreams came true when I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy.

This client suffered recurrent miscarriage, late miscarriage and related trauma:

I saw Karen for 6 sessions following my second miscarriage last year. Karen was the first person I felt able to speak to fully about how I was feeling as she made a safe place for me to discuss these feelings and never said anything to make me feel silly or annoyed (which is how I felt after talking to most other people). Karen has a great understanding of the issues she is dealing with and has truly helped me to come through the toughest time of my life. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone needing support.

A woman in her mid 40s who has experienced 3 late miscarriages:

Counselling has provided such a fantastic service to women like me who need support at what can only be described as a living nightmare. Without these dedicated professionals we would still be living this nightmare, and although the pain never disappears, we gain an understanding of how to deal with everyday life, making each day easier than the previous day.

This client suffered trauma related to termination for poor fetal diagnosis for a pregnancy which was IVF conception:

Petals was there when I did not know where else to turn or know where to find someone who could understand what I was experiencing and help me through. My usual support network was unavailable – my husband already coping with the same trauma, family equally devastated and friends unable to sympathise. Karen was there at my lowest ebb and gave me the strength and support to carry on. I will always be grateful.

A woman who lost her first baby  during the 19th week of pregnancy:

As dramatic as it sounds, I will always believe that counselling saved my life.  I was so depressed and just wanted to be with my baby, that I nearly gave up, but the support and genuine care that I felt from the counsellor made me believe I could get through it – words will never be enough to explain this.

This lady suffered re-current miscarriage and related trauma:

I found the service provided by Petals to be invaluable. I learnt how to articulate my feelings and how to grieve, it also helped me to believe that Petals is meeting an important need and I feel very fortunate to have received the care and counselling it provides. I cannot recommend this service enough.

This couple’s baby was stillborn at 41 weeks:

We were just devastated, we didn’t think we had a future anymore. We went to counselling really because we didn’t know what else to do. We realised though that after just one session that it was the right thing for us – it allowed us to really express what we were feeling to each other, and it was ok to do this.  I don’t think our marriage would have survived without it, but now we feel so much stronger as a couple and ready to think about another baby.

These comments were expressed by a woman who came to counselling during her second pregnancy, following  the traumatic delivery of her first baby that had resulted in an emergency caesarean section:

Before I came to counselling my feelings were just of confusion – not really understanding why I couldn’t stop obsessing about the next birth.  I would never have realised that going back and ‘unpacking’ what had happened previously would have such a powerful effect.  The counselling sessions offered a safe space to voice taboo thoughts without judgment and to confront the memories of being scared, infantilised and deeply embarrassed by the chain of events that surrounded my son’s birth.  I felt ‘to blame’ for not having a good birth, sad at somehow having let us down as a couple, and these irrational thoughts were stopping me bonding with our new baby, feelings that I was deeply ashamed of and could admit this to nobody.  After every session I felt lighter and the overall effect has turned around my negativity, fear and anxiety.  I feel empowered as a result of this wonderful counselling service.

Comments from a woman who experienced deep trauma during her first delivery and came to counselling for anxiety in her second pregnancy:

I found the counselling sessions invaluable and such a support during my pregnancy.  My experience after having my second baby has been so different that I am already keen to have a third – something I never thought I would dare to do!

Comments from a woman who experienced severe post-natal depression:

I cannot thank my counsellor enough for the work that she did with me – it helped enormously and although I still have bad days, things are so much better now  and I can enjoy life as a mum more than I ever thought possible.

This client suffered re-current miscarriage:

I found the counselling experience very helpful and it was good to get ideas to think about my personal situation in a different and more positive way for the future