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Siobhan Poole, Counsellor

I have practiced as a psychotherapist/counsellor since 2008 and completed my Masters degree in Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy/ Counselling at CCPE in Maida Vale London. I am also a qualified Midwife BSc Hons and Nurse with many years experience working in sexual health, HIV, and Womens health.  I have worked in ante-natal clinics, delivery suite, and post-natal wards within the hospital and within the community.  Having aided with the physical healing in my past career I now feel passionately about aiding the process of emotional healing. The emotional pain which is often concealed and carried alone.

I work for Petals as a therapist and run a busy private practice as I feel passionately about supporting parents through their struggles and assisting them to understand their feelings, whatever they may be and however difficult. Whilst grief anxiety anger sadness and depression are all perfectly normal and natural responses they can at times feel confusing and overwhelming. I believe that this is where counselling and therapy are of greatest benefit in order to acknowledge and make sense of our feelings and experiences.

As a therapist I work intuitively with empathy, knowledge and understanding, and adapt each session according to the individual or couples needs. I provide a non-judgemental space that aims to enable clients to move forward in their lives and gain a sense of hope for the future.