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Petals Counselling Service

Attending counselling provides a safe space to talk about your feelings, to express fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, anger and resentment. It is contained within the hour, so that after the session you can re-enter their everyday lives and pressures, feeling a little more able to cope.

Your counsellor will steer you through your own emotional process whilst providing guidance and support to help you understand this. As the relationship between you and your counsellor develops, your sense of isolation and helplessness will lessen.  Slowly as you learn how to manage this new experience, you realise it is possible to control your anxiety or reconcile your feelings of loss so that you can trust and believe in your future.


Petals provide a specialist counselling service dedicated to the psychological care and wellbeing of their clients.

Our counsellors are all BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered and have undergone specialist training to attain a Petals Approved status; this guarantees a high standard of experience and expertise in the field of perinatal counselling care.

Petals can offer up to 6 one hour counselling sessions FREE OF CHARGE per couple.