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Petals Films

Petals Films

Petals Films

One of our goals is to raise awareness about the need for psychological care for parents who suffer emotional distress in pregnancy and birth. Through all of our activities we aim to raise awareness about baby loss… please watch our short films to find out more.

Baby loss is often something we don’t think about until it affects us personally…..or until it happens to someone close to us – our sister, cousin, friend, or work mate.


But sadly, every day 17 parents in the UK are grief-stricken by the tragic loss of their babies. Hundreds more suffer complications and miscarriage of their pregnancy.

But despite being so common, people still don’t talk about baby loss, which makes it feel like a taboo – and often alienates women and couples when it happens so unexpectedly to them.


But together we can help remove the stigma associated with baby loss by talking about it.

We need to break the silence about baby loss – it will make a difference.